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Naman Kitcozole

MANUFACTURED For: Naman Global Impex Pvt Ltd

Ketoconazole IP 1% w/w
ZPTO (48%) Solution 1% w/w
Soap Noodle base q.s.
Perfume q.s.

Colour: Titanium Dioxide IP

Store in a cool dry and dark place
Away from direct sunlight

Keep out of reach of children.


TFM: NLT 76%

Net Wt. 75g(When Packed)

To be used only under medical supervision

Naman Kitcozole Soap is a dandruff cure soap that clean sesthe
affected skin completely by reducing the scales & flakes
and thus control itching & scaling of soap dandruff cure
soap naturally hydrates the skin & eliminates the excess of
reuse and thus prevent the recurrences of dandruff.

Avoid contact with eyes, if it happens rinse with water thoroughly.

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